My Lost Divinity – Part 1

Part 1: My Loss (in which the author looks into his own religious beliefs and attempts to articulate them with long-winded hyperbolic forays into boredom) *The image associated with post is of a church across the street from my house, called "Unfinished Church." My choice for the name of this blog, My Lost Divinity, implies… Continue reading My Lost Divinity – Part 1

Please Don’t Trust Cassandra

[EDIT: I've left this post intact, mainly because it represents an epilogue to my breakdown and recovery. There are references to a username that I've removed after finding that it is currently being used by someone who I do not want to interact with or disturb in any way.] A ridiculous trigger has pulled me… Continue reading Please Don’t Trust Cassandra

The Gaslit Fog

Gaslighting. Most of us have heard the term, and many understand what it means. The favorite tactic of an abuser, especially a narcissist, gaslighting is much more common than it may appear to be. I'd hazard a guess that almost everyone has encountered gaslighting, whether personally or observed. The plot involves a husband slowly manipulating… Continue reading The Gaslit Fog

Our Ever-Shifting Worlds

Mental Disorders are specific to every different individual and never quite the same between any two of us. This is because they are shaped by personal experience. While the symptoms can be generalized and categorized to better offer treatment options, each of us still has an intimate relationship with our own realities. This is why… Continue reading Our Ever-Shifting Worlds